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My Travels

Prior to my arrival on the scene, Mom always had Terrier canines. After the departure of her beloved Cairn, Duffy, she decided to explore the world of the Toy Breeds. She attended shows and searched the internet to learn more about us. She wanted a partner who could travel with her as in a few years she will retire and be able to travel even more. So here I was her new companion. Yes, she went to a responsible breeder and home I went.

From my arrival home until today, I am treated like a king. All the best toys, all natural food, the best training treats and clothes...clothes...clothes! People are amazed to see my clothes. I don't know why they seem normal to me. And you should see my specially designed painted skateboard!

When I was physically developed enough, Mom took me to Camp Gone To The Dogs in Vermont for a week of fun and training. I loved it! We did agility, swimming, obedience, lectures, skateboarding, painting, games, frizbee and everything! The first week we attended, I studied for my Canine Good Citizenship Test (CGC) and I passed it on my first attempt. Mom was so very proud. I just thought it was fun!

I have been to many places with Mom. On weekends, we go to dog events, flea markets, craft shows, visit friends, shopping and even church! I am very lucky that I am a trained service dog because that means I accompany Mom wherever she goes . . . restaurants, food stores, medical facilities, etc. You see, Mom has a disability and I was trained to help her deal with her disability, so we are a team. I also passed my public access test with flying colors!

In addition to our weekly sojourns, I have also been to Ft. Lauderdale. Florida to spend a week with our friends from Canada. And each August, we travel to Canada (last year, I visited a castle! And the Canadian National Exhibition!) for vacation. I have been to the circus twice (liked the performing poodle act especially). I have also been to the Mutter medical museum in Pennsylvania and for a horse and buggy ride both in Philadelphia and the Amish Country in Lancaster Pa..

In my early years, I even had my own monthly column in a local magazine Jersey Pets Kelsie the traveling MinPin!

Friends of ours operate dog walking tours in NYC and we were invited to be in a pilot with Ira Joe Fisher, the weatherman, from channel # 4. That was great fun as well as a Christmas segment of animal Planet, Japan. (Soon to be in my pictures section).

Two months ago, I attended a 50th anniversary at a convent for a nun who is a good friend of my Moms. Imagine 124 guests and me! No one even noticed me there except when they clapped for her, I barked (who can hear a dog clap?!?)

Recently, we attended an event to raise funds for the Monmouth County SPCA and I met and had my picture taken with Rufus the 2006 winner at Westminister in NYC. (Soon to be in my pictures section).

Last month, I also attended a state of New Jersey event and met the famous Theodore Bikel, actor, writer and singer. Did you know Theo was the first to play Baron von Trapp in the original sound of Music (the song Edleweiss was actually written for Theo). Since then he has been very active in many areas and Mom tries to go whenever he is performing in our area. (See the picture soon to be under our pictures section). Not only is he a gifted person in so many ways but he is very approachable and friendly. http://www.bikel.com

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