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Welcome to my website!

My name is Kelsie and I am a red, male Miniature Pinscher. Upon meeting me, most people believe I am a Chihuahua due to my uncropped ears and my small size (8lbs. 1 oz.). Usually Miniature Pinschers have their ears cropped and their tails docked. My little nubby tail was done before I met my human Mom but when the breeder offered to get my ears "done" or cropped as they say. Mom told her “As soon as we cut off half of your human ears we will touch his”! So my ears were left alone! I think they are one of my best features don’t you?

Now before I go on, which I have been known to do or if you would like to learn more about “Min Pins”, you can click on the bone on the left where it says AKC. This will give you lots of information about me and my kind and what to expect before you make a min pin part of your family.  

Another area you might want to read and learn about is how min pins can assist humans. If you click on the Pet Therapy Bone on the left, you can learn how canines perform this valuable service and you can read an article my Mom wrote about my work at the hospital which is one of my jobs. You know, being a min pin is not all fun and games… there are some responsibilities too.

Service Dogs! Be sure and click on this button. More and more canines are becoming service dogs for many reasons. As my Mom often says “Service Dogs…they are not only for the blind anymore!”  There are service dogs of all sizes performing all sorts of service for their humans.

Since everyone we meet, makes a comment on how handsome a guy I am, Mom is looking for avenues for me to be used in print and video mediums. If you are aware of any auditions, or photo opportunities, please email Kelsie at my website. I will be most happy to write back. If you have any questions, please email me and I will be happy to respond. I hope you enjoy my website and we look forward to seeing you  “out and about” in our travels!.





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