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Kelsie's Favorite Websites

Places to go, things to buy and people to meet!

http://www.bricktownvet.com (If you go to Pet of the month and scroll down, I was the first one honored!) I love all the pet people at Brick Town Animal Hospital but my very favorite is Dr. David Buist!

http://www.campgonetothedogs.com/html/contact_us.html (Here's my favorite summer vacation place! Camp Gone to the dogs!) Check out all the fun we have!

http://www.petgearinc.com/index.htm These folks have the greatest dog strollers and crates! I have been literally everywhere in my Pet Gear Stroller and can't tell you how many people stop my Mom and ask about it, she sounds like a salesperson for Pet Gear! As a result, everywhere we travel, I roll on and she hands out product flyers.

http://www.superpetexpo.com/index.php Here is a fun time where you can take your people to the Super Pet Expo. Lots of stuff to see and buy for you!

http://www.puppyplayground.com/about.shtml Here is a site for playground equipment just for us! I tried it out at the Super Pet Expo and it is great and size appropriate for all you canines out there from the little guys like me to the other guys who believe THEY are big!

http://www.hug-a-dog.com This is the absolute best place to get your fabric harnesses! These people have custom made harnesses for me and I just love them! If you find fabric you like, they will even make it for you special! AND I am on their website in the gallery with my red, white and blue fabric harness and my matching hat! See if you can find me among all those daschunds!

http://www.upcountryinc.com This company provides great matchng collars, leashes (4 ft ones for us little guys and gals!)and harnesses specifically designed for the little dogs!

http://www.theprinceandthepawper.com This is one of my favorite doggie boutiques to visit. The owner Gail is great and loves us canines! She is always bringing in the new and upscale items!

http://thisissparkle.com Sparkle is my very best girlfriend in Canada. Her Mom and My Mom share quite a few interests and we spend our vacation time with Sparkle, her Mom Sharon and Dad Tommy.

http://www.celltei.com I think these are the best carriers on the market today. They are light in weight which is key to carrying them around. Their features are wonderful. I have had many carriers and my favorite is Celltei!

http://www.houndzinthehood.com These are the best quality and fitting fleece on the market today!

http://www.tdi-dog.org Therapy Dogs International



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